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Save Money on Online Shopping
Online shopping trend, despite seeing a steady growth, is not as popular in India as it is abroad, in the US or the UK. One reason could be that most people are skeptical about the security of doing any shopping online. However, we see change in this scenario with more and more internet users opting to visit the e-commerce websites and thus showing a rise of about 18% in online shoppers for 2011. Users on the web seem to be at about 100 million or so, according to a report by Google. In the current situation with the prices of the essential commodities like the petrol, diesel, milk, grocery, vegetables, meat, clothes, medicines and such seeing a rise, online shopping definitely helps the customers to save money on their purchases, for the reason that online shops offer the products at a much lesser cost than other shops. Effective promotional and pricing tactics seem to have worked in the favour of online shopping. Most of the e-commerce websites also opts for a secured method for the customers to shop online, thus causing a rising trend to online shopping in India.

Advantages of online shopping
One main benefit to online shopping is that it is very convenient and quick. It helps the customer to save time taken to travel to the store and do the shopping, seeing as they are not required to visit a store, personally and make the purchase. Customers opting for online shopping can either choose for a product category wise, price wise, as per the deals offered or even by the brand, they prefer to purchase. At the same time, the customer can go online to the shop and see the products on display. If they so prefer, they could as well compare the details and price of the product available online and then go on to make the purchase. It is also possible that most of these online stores help the customer by offering discounts, coupons, sales and other offers. It is believed that products are offered at much lesser price online, seeing as the expenses on administration, production and taxes are not applicable for online stores. Meanwhile, the online stores as well remain open 24/7, unlike the other stores that operate only for specific time. It helps people in doing the shopping for products in a bulk and as well offers better deals on brands.

Use of coupons codes for online shopping
In this current scenario of recession and price hike, online shopping has its advantage. You should also opt to use the various available discount coupons and vouchers to get the offers that can help a user to save money on their purchases, be it online or at personal stores. The coupons can be found online, at certain websites or portals, or you could find them using the search engines. It comes as printable coupons or as codes, to be used for online purchases. You can also find some community sites with these discount offers and coupons codes as well as vouchers. Some of the vouchers also come with the papers and magazines, which can be cut out for use at the stores, while doing shopping. In case of coupon codes, they need to be entered at the time of checkout online, so as to avail of the offers and discounts valid on a purchase.

Discount offers – how do they differ?
At the same time, some of the online stores may come up with reduced price offer for a product, which does not require the customer to make use of any coupon or code. This is known as discount offer, in comparison to the coupon codes or vouchers that comes in the form of printable coupon or online code link with valid discounts and offers, to be used during the time of shopping.

How do online coupons sites work?
Some of these online sites, lets the customer to search for various offers and deals with popular merchants for hot offers and discounts on products ranging from mobile phones, electronic items to clothes, cosmetics, health and beauty products as well as accessories, spa deals and so on. Looking at these offers, the customer can then opt for the best deal and thus, save money on their online purchases. Number of merchants and retailers also opt for discounts and coupon codes as a promotional strategy to increase the traffic to their online stores. The coupon codes could let the customer to save money with the provided offers like money off on purchase; buy one get one free offer, discounts on purchases, free shipping and many more offers.

Points to consider
However, prior to doing your online shopping is to check the authenticity of the website or the online store, where you plan to make the purchase. Be sure to confirm that the coupon code or voucher offered is valid. Check to see it they are authentic. Be aware of the validity period of an offer or the coupon offered. Ensure that you know all the details on the discounts. Confirm on the return and exchange policies of the online store or retailer, prior to confirming your purchase. Most of the e-commerce sites have specific rules for 100% money back offer. Returns and exchanges can be also done within 2 weeks or mostly a month. However, the reason for the same needs to be specified and clarified by the online store, prior to them taking a decision.

Online shopping on the rise
Seeing the slow and steady growth of online shopping customers, most of the popular retailers, merchants or brands opt to launch online shops for the customers in India. It is also to be considered that the most convenient online stores with the best service, hot deals and discounts would definitely bring in more customers. 

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