1st November 2018

Last couple of months were for women, what with the Women’s day, Mother’s Day and so on. But, the month of June is special in that it is the month chosen to celebrate Fathers. It is now the time of the month to commemorate them for their support and a time to acknowledge the sacrifices they make to bring up a child and maintain a family.

Now, in Catholic Europe it used to be celebrated in march 19th. However, Europe and Americas have adopted the U.S date and so Father’s Day is celebrated on third Sunday of June. This year it falls on 17 June 2018. Actually, various parts of the world celebrate it at over various dates ranging from March to April or June apparently.

Today, the day has a history attached to it. It was in 1908, that the first memorial was conducted in honour of the fathers at a church at Fairmont, West Virginia. The idea was to conduct a memorial for the 200 fathers who died at the Monongah mining explosion. However, soon a greater tragedy overtook and it was forgotten, so it never got celebrated as an annual event.

Though soon enough, through the efforts of one Mrs. Sonora Dodd, the day was soon popularised and became to be celebrated in the U.S. She decided as she listened to a Mother’s day sermon in 1909, that fathers should be honoured as well. She realised the importance of commemorating fathers as well, because her own father had brought up 6 children single-handedly following his wife’s demise. Initially the date chosen was 5th June, as it was the birthday of Mrs. Dodd’s father. Then, it was changed and the first sermon for Father’s day was conducted at a Spokane church in Washington on 19th June, which was a third Sunday. The day soon became a national holiday.

Soon enough it spread worldwide and various countries adopted the day as they wanted to bring to light the importance of fathers and their support in bringing up children and also their help to build a stronger society.

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