Do Freebies Really Mean That You can Save Money

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Do Freebies Really Mean That You can Save Money

No matter where you look, you find free offers, but in many cases when it comes down to brass tacks there is always some sort of a click and it’s not absolutely free in the real sense of the word. So is it any wonder that even when you hear that something is offered for free even on the Internet, people are rather dubious about it. However the fact is that there are certain things that are absolutely free and some that are not completely free.

Typically a freebie is something that you can get without having to pay for it, be it a service or some product. Of course, in some cases you may be required to pay the delivery charges, but if it is worth the cost of the product people generally do not have qualms paying it. But here again, the question that are on many people’s minds is why anyone would want to give something free of cost. Well it seems pretty obvious really. It is a pure and simple marketing gimmick.

The Free Gimmick

Offering some product for free means the person would quite definitely try out what he /she has got and would order for it if they find that it is worthwhile. Sometime it is just a reminder that there is such a company in the market with a variety of products. In addition when it is an online free service or product one of the main reasons for a free offering is to get more traffic driven to their site, which in the long run could spell higher sales.

Frequently you will find freebies are backed by advertisements and when you think of it, its one of the ways that these companies thrive, because they are being paid to advertise other products and simultaneously be able to offer services or products for free.

However don’t be bowled over by the free ads. Remember that your privacy has to be safeguarded and what you disclose and do not disclose are vital. In practically all cases, companies offering freebies will require your email address. Why not create a new account just for the freebies? This would prevent too much junk in your mail. In addition provide a phone number only if you feel absolutely certain that the freebie being offered is authentic, if not either give a false number or don’t subscribe for the freebie. This also applies to your date of birth.

When you show an interest in a freebie you will also be requested to sign up for their fee newsletter. Unless you feel that this specific company will offer you really interesting news don’t sign up for their newsletter, it will help in reducing the number of junk mail that you get in your inbox.

Most freebies ask you to fill in a survey form. Just give them the bare minimum information, maybe just what is mandatory, and by no means should you provide your credit card details or social security number. That could spell real trouble. So beware!

The word “FREE” attracts everyone’s attention and this accounts for the increase in approval of online freebies. However these online freebie offers are rubbing off on the offline companies too.

This is especially so when it concerns software applications. These are becoming so pricey that people hesitate to buy them. So offering a free trial version to weigh the pros and cons of the application is one great way to get people to try and buy software.

The long and short of it is that the freebie is there for good. For the customer it’s one way of getting to know a product particularly when money is tight and people are looking for ways and means to save every penny they can. From the vendors point of view offering a freebie is more important than the cost incurred in giving them away.