Easter Facts And Online Discounts

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Easter Facts And Online Discounts

Did you know that the Christian holiday Easter is better known as “Pascha” in Greek and Latin? It is also called the resurrection Sunday as it is known to be celebrating the resurrection of Lord Jesus from the dead. According to the New Testament of Bible, this is said to have occurred on the 3rd day following his crucifixion by the Cavalry Romans in the 30AD.

History of “Holy Week” and observances

The celebration is said to start with Lent, a 40-day fasting period culminating the “Passion of Christ” celebrations, as it is known, with the “holy week”. It begins on the last Sunday before Easter, called the “Palm Sunday”. It is then followed with Maundy (a religious rite of washing of the feet observed by Christians) Thursday in honour of “Last Supper”. It is followed by “Good Friday”, which is observed in honour of the “crucifixion and death of Lord Jesus”.

Now, one thing to realise is that there are no exact fixed dates for these days. It keeps changing according to the Gregorian or Julian calendar, both of which follows only the sun. Meanwhile, these days it is believed is observed as per the lunisolar calendar, similar to the Hebrew calendar.

For this year, Easter nears as it is expected to Fall on 1 April 2018. Well, it is also said to have its roots in some of the Pagan celebrations or even the “Passover” celebrations of the Jews. Some of the non-religious traditions observed include that of Easter Eggs or even those of related games such as rolling the eggs or decorating the eggs etc. Easter egg hunts are also quite popular.

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