25th October 2018

After the hype around Valentine’s day in February and Women’s Day in March, the next in line is the Mother’s Day. Usually falling on the second Sunday in May, it is the time of the year when everyone in the family gets together to honour their mothers or someone else like a grandmother or an aunt, who is a mother figure.

In India and around the world, Mother’s Day this year, 2018 is celebrated on 13th of May, which falls on a Sunday.

The day will be incomplete without giving out flowers or exotic and exciting gifts for your hardworking mothers. It originated in the US in 1914, as part of a campaign organised by a mum’s group that was set up during the civil war of America. It is believed that Ann Jarvis wanted a day in May to honour her mother who had expired in that month. However, she became far too disillusioned with the commercialisation of the event over time.

In contrast, in the UK Mother’s day falls on 11th of March it is believed. In the meantime, contrary to common belief, it has links to Easter and is typically celebrated on the fourth Sunday during the lent.

However, in India like in the US, it is the day we celebrate and honour motherhood. It is also the day that e-commerce stores come out with huge offers and discounts.

Since most of the people would be online searching for that perfect gift for your mom, the online stores and coupon code sites have decided to leverage on this opportunity. They come out with exciting offers to woo their customers.

The stores offer a wide range of products, flowers, chocolates, cakes or gift items and cater to the rising demand of that exotic gift for your mom on that particular day. It could be an excellent way for you to say “Thank You” to your mother for all that she has done for you. It is the time to appreciate her for her hard work.

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