Valentine’s Day – Its Origin, Facts And Offers

Valentine's Day - Its Origin, Facts And Offers

Stores are out with discounts and offers, people are rushing to buy gifts for their spouses, candies, chocolates, and champagnes are being sold in bulk- it’s that time of the year when people and ecommerce stores alike celebrate love. February is the month to celebrate love, the month when Valentine’s Day falls. We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 every year.

Valentine’s Day – History

If you were to dig deep into its exact origin of how February came to be the month of romance, celebrating St.Valentine’s day or just Valentine’s Day as it came to be known, you will see that there is reference to both Christian and Roman culture. As per the reference of Christian church, there were 3 saints, all of whom were known as Valentine or Valentus, all of whom became martyrs.

If you were to go by one legend, St.Valentine was a priest, who belonged in Rome during the 3rd century, who performed marriage in secret for young lovers, defying the then king Claudius II, who had banned marriage for young men, as he believed unmarried youngsters would make better soldiers. Obviously, the priest was ordered to death, when the king came to realize the fact.

Well, in other instance Valentine was maybe put to death for aiding the Christians in their break out from callous Roman prisons, where the prisoners were often ill-treated. Not to be outdone, there is also reference to one Valentine, a prisoner himself sending out messages to his sweetheart or girl he fell in love with, the Jailor’s daughter possibly who used to visit him. It is also rumoured that just prior to being put to death, he had send a letter to girl, signed as from your Valentine.

Still shrouded in mystery, no one is sure as to the real origin of St. Valentine yet. Still, all across the world, February 14th is a day for lovers, celebrating romance with gifts. Some also relate it with the Roman festival of Lupercalia, when fertility is commemorated on 15th of Feb.

The day was also made more popular in Britain and all across Europe, via the works by Chaucer and Shakespeare. Sending cards, candies and chocolates to your loved one, especially a girlfriend or wife was the norm. People started to look for more ways to express their love for one another. They just went on to find the most innovative ways to impress their life partners.

Valentine’s Day and e-Commerce

In all this confusion and celebratory mood, one industry found ways to cater to the people’s needs and preferences, so that they could get the benefit. I am talking about the ecommerce sites and other brick and mortar gift stores. However, with the advent of technology and driven by the convenience factor, most customers are now looking to online stores for options.

Finding opportunity in this celebration, most of the ecommerce stores are now vying to provide the best offers and discounts on various items, such as candies, chocolates, flowers or other gift items, which are mostly sold during this time.

As, ecommerce stores are vying with each other, the coupon code sites have leveraged on it by offering customers options to get the best possible discount or coupon of the most suited gift, flowers or confectionary of their choice. Other than these regular gifts or confectionaries, you can also find valentine’s party decors, Valentine’s Day costumes etc., online at easy discounted prices.

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