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[accordion titles=”What are Coupon codes or Discount Coupons or Discount Codes?/n/Do Discount Vouchers have expiry date?/n/What if a coupon code has expired, but is still available in the site?/n/Can I use more than one coupon code during check out?/n/What is the difference between coupons and offers?/n/What are Competitions?/n/Why should I use My Coupon Codes India?” contents=”Coupon codes or Discount Coupons or Discount Codes are alphanumeric numbers that can be used to save some extra money while shopping online./n/Yes, almost all discount coupons have an expiry date./n/Make sure to check the expiration date of a coupon code before you use it. If the coupon code has expired, please do not use it. There would have been some technical reasons why the voucher is still displayed in the website. If you come across any such expired vouchers from our website, please feel free to intimate us and we shall help provide you a new offer if possible./n/No, normally you cannot use more than one voucher codes during check out. But, there are some merchants who permit the use of more than one code. Please go through the merchant’s policy to know more on this./n/There will be a code for coupons, which may be a mixture of characters and numbers which should be used while making a purchase to get the mentioned discount. But, offers do not have any code. It may be something like free shipping or a free gift for a minimum purchase of an amount or certain amount or percentage of discount for your purchase./n/Some merchants offer sweepstakes or competitions in their websites. You will have to register with them providing a valid email id and other details as requested by the merchant to take part in the competition. If you are lucky you may get some exciting prizes./n/The answer is straightforward – ‘To save your hard earned money’!”][/accordion]

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