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Find the best Cleartrip offers and deals here. You can now book travel packages and get good deals for hotel stay, flights etc at the popular travel website Cleartrip. This travel site comes out with good offers including a certain percentage of rebates on the rates for travellers who book for round trip flights or hotels, using the visa card.
The site provides coupon codes that can be availed, be it for flights or hotels. You can easily find details and information on the amount of money you can get back on the packages, for flight tickets or even hotel stay as per the number of passengers or the number of days and nights that the customer is put up at a hotel.
To make the whole process easier for the customers, Cleartrip allows them to make the booking for a flight with the options, round trip or one way as preferred, feeding in the details such as destinations, departure and return date, number of passengers inclusive of adult, children and such.